Cataract Surgery
at Eye Care & Surgeons

We are laser cataract surgeons here to provide the best laser vision correction surgery.

Cataract surgery is our specialty.

In our hands, laser cataract surgery is the safest,
most gentle, and provides for the quickest recovery.



Laser in cataract surgery replaces many steps of the procedure that in the past were done by hand using metal instruments with a computer controlled laser. It is the newest and most modern method of performing cataract surgery. 

The benefits of laser cataract surgery include making the surgery more precise, and most important, making your vision better than it was even before the cataract. 

The procedure is less than 10 minutes and performed in small, clean and quiet, outpatient surgery centers. We use less eye drops than most surgeons after cataract surgery.

We use specially formulated drops that are less expensive and easier to use for patients. Drops can be as simple as one drop from a single bottle, three times per day. As with any surgery, there are risks. Your surgeon will discuss these and other topics on the day of your evaluation.



At Eye Care & Surgeons, we customize our cataract surgery plan for every unique patient. We offer different levels and methods of vision correction to fit the needs and goals of the patient.

We are not one-size-fits-all. Some options for cataract surgery include mono-vision or blended vision, toric lenses for astigmatism, multifocal lenses, distance vision, or near vision.

We offer traditional or basic surgery.

We can also treat glaucoma at the same time of cataract surgery if needed, to reduce dependence on eye drops.



We have two convenient office locations in Charlotte in Blakeney Ballantyne and in Union County in Monroe, NC.

We operate at convenient outpatient surgery centers. We are available when and where you need us.

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Cataract Surgery Options

During your cataract evaluation, Dr. K will review with you your lifestyle and your goals of cataract surgery to determine your best options. Dr. K is an expert in the use of laser, Toric lenses and Multifocal lenses to reduce the need for glasses and contacts after surgery. At Eye Care & Surgeons, we proudly use the Alcon LenSx Laser Cataract System. We encourage you to do research on the LenSx Laser and Toric and Multifocal lenses, such as the Panoptix lens, before your evaluation. With any surgery, there are risks and benefits, and Dr. K will review these and other topics on the day of your evaluation.

The Procedure: Cataract surgery is a 10-minute, outpatient procedure. We give you a little bit of medicine to relax you, so you're nice and comfortable for the procedure. After the procedure, you have to take it easy for 2-3 weeks. You'll see us the next day. We typically perform the second eye surgery 1-2 weeks after the first eye. While full recovery takes about a month, most healing is done within 72 hours!

Here are your options. Don't worry. Dr. K will review all of these with you!

Laser Cataract Surgery with Distance vision in both eyes

  • Both eyes aim for best possible distance vision
  • Free from glasses for 90% of distance activities; will need glasses for near; computer 50/50 chance that you will need reading glasses
  • Partially covered by insurance


Laser Cataract Surgery with Blended vision in both eyes

  • Dominant eye we aim for the best possible distance vision
  • Non-dominant eye we aim for intermediate/near (computer vision, some reading vision)
  • Free from glasses 70-80% of the time for all everyday activities
  • This is the best option for most patients, especially for patients who have a history of mono-vision contact lens wear
  • Partially covered by insurance


Laser Cataract Surgery with Multifocal Lens (Panoptix Lens)

  • Both eyes have a good range of vision without glasses. Free from glasses at all distances for 90% of everyday activities.
  • May experience some glare and halos at night
  • Most out-of-pocket costs

Laser Cataract Surgery with other options

  • We can customize your surgery to fit your lifestyle: for example, artists, lawyers, accountants, jewelers may prefer more up-close vision with both eyes

Traditional Manual Cataract Surgery (No laser)

  • Both eyes have “ballpark” distance vision
  • Will require bifocals for best distance vision and all near vision
  • Will lose any near vision without glasses
  • Most covered by insurance

Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery

  • We can treat your glaucoma at the same time of cataract surgery to potentially reduce the need for drops after cataract surgery

  • Insurance coverage available

Additional Services at Eyes care & Surgeons of Charlotte

Diabetic Eye Exams

All patients with diabetes need a dilated eye exam at least once per year. We perform all necessary exams for patients with diabetes. We have advanced testing and treatment capabilities to help monitor and treat diabetes damage to the eye. We communicate with your primary care doctor and/or your endocrinologist with every visit! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Dara Khalatbari today for a diabetic eye exam.

Glaucoma Care

We have advanced training and technologies to evaluate, monitor and treat patients with glaucoma. We take a less-is-more approach and try to avoid drops by offering more convenient treatments. We are only one of a handful of facilities in the area to offer virtual reality visual field testing. If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma or are a glaucoma suspect, or if you have a family history of glaucoma, call today for an appointment with Dr. Dara Khalatbari for a glaucoma evaluation.

Narrow Angles

We treat all forms of glaucoma, including narrow angle glaucoma. Narrow angle glaucoma is one of the most dangerous and devastating forms of glaucoma as it can affect young people, causing sudden vision loss. If you've been diagnosed with narrow angles, or if narrow angles runs in your family, make an appointment with Dr. Dara Khalatbari for a narrow angle glaucoma evaluation today.

Blurred Vision

Many causes of blurred vision exist. Often, blurred vision is not simply an issue with glasses or contacts but a medical condition that requires evaluation and treatment. In the over 55 age group, cataracts are the number one cause of reversible blurred vision. If you are experiencing blurred vision, make an appointment for a medical evaluation of your eyes today.


Uveitis is an auto-immune condition of the eye where the body's defenses, the white blood cells, mistakenly attack parts of the eye in attempts to fight an infection that does not exist. At Eye Care & Surgeons, we specialize in treating all forms of uveitis with various treatment approaches customized to the patient. We also can order the necessary lab work and testing to help diagnose and treat your condition.


Neurological conditions that affect the eyes and vision include optic neuritis, pseudotumor cerebri, cranial nerve palsies, stroke and TIA, auto-immune conditions, tumors and others. Dr. Dara Khalatbari specializes in the evaluation and management of neuro-ophthalmic disorders and other complex medical conditions that involve the eyes.


There are many ophthalmological and neuro-ophthalmological causes of headaches. At Eye Care & Surgeons, we work with your medical doctor and neurologist in evaluating and treating your headache condition.

Pseudotumor cerebri

Since 2007, Dr. Dara Khalatbari has been following and treating some of the largest group of patients with pseudotumor cerebri in the area. We specialize in the evaluation, monitoring, and treatment of pseudotumor cerebri, or idiopathic intracranial hypertension. We have the ability to administer visual field testing, advanced optic nerve analysis, and visual evoked potentials. If you think you may have pseudotumor cerebri or are being treated for pseudotumor cerebri and are looking for a second opinion, call us today for a full evaluation.

Optic Nerve Disorders

Dr. Khalatbari has been evaluating patients in the area for possible optic nerve disorders since 2007. We have the ability to administer visual field testing, advanced optic nerve analysis, and visual evoked potentials.

Double Vision

Many causes of double vision exist, from ocular surface issues to serious neurological disorders. If you are experiencing double vision or have been diagnosed with double vision or a cranial nerve palsy, call us today for a full evaluation.

Plaquenil screening

At Eye Care & Surgeons, we have some of the most advanced testing modalities for evaluating retinal toxicity in patients taking Plaquenil. We offer visual field testing, optical coherence tomography, and electroretinography to aid in the early detection of toxic side effects of Plaquenil, or hydroxychloroquine.